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SAP B1 mid-size and small business ERP is currently in active expansion mode. We expect number of new installation to increase, especially with SB1 version 2007A release earlier this year for US market. SAP B1 has modern accounting application design and user interface is very intuitive. These two factors translate into real flexibility of SB1 business processes, where you can virtually design industry vertical business logic without purchasing add-on or ordering customization programming from SB1 ISV. In this small publication we would like to cover SB1 implementation example in transportation industry with the needs in agent settlement report and modifiable bill of lading:

1.Agent Settlement Report in standard out of the box SB1. If you are running mid-size cargo delivering agency, you probably already heard from MRP vendors, that your ERP system implementation and software licenses would cost you several hundred thousand dollars. This is in essence true, if you are trying to implement or already implemented traditional ERP software with so-called add-ons extension technology, where add-ons software developer make money on extending pretty rigid ERP standard business logic. The difference of SB1 lays in the fact of outstanding flexibility – standard business logics are not in essence casted and frozen, they are rather given to you as the platform for ERP modification, discovery and casting the data entry and handling procedures. Agent Settlement Report in SB1 could be realized on the base of business partners internal reconciliation with the option checked for multiple business partners

2.Bill of Lading. This cargo shipping classical report is often different from one transportation business to another. In SB1 you can start your discovery from Sales Order form, and then in you have sophisticated rules in MAWB and HAWB – you can continue your research with Picking and Packing in Inventory. BOL is often tough report to print and design, please consider calling us to get your case example streamlined

3.SB1 licensing. It is named user all-in-one and your can purchase user licenses through SB1 implementation partners channel exclusively. Please, locate SB1 partner in your area or who is the leader implementing your industry ERP cases

Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum, , . Please visit our information portal Pegas Planet: , serving ERP systems community since 1993, local service in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, remote support in CA, IL, IN, NY, FL, AZ, WA, NV, MI, WI, QC, ON, BC and the rest of USA and Canada. For 2008 we have SAP BO promotion campaign where we will send our sales engineer and implementation consultant free of charge to you if you are in USA or Canada country side. You will pay only for consulting hourly rates, and we will pay for travel and lodging.

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LG Display will build a new liquid crystal faceplate factory Q4 will be completed next year

The other telegram is led, the S.Korean liquid crystal faceplate leading figure LG Display Co. (LGD) Announce 22, company this plan, furnish funds of 727 billion Korea S. Huan (656,300,000 dollars) In the S.Korean slope state (Paju) Build a new liquid crystal faceplate factory, it is estimated bright (2011) It is completed in the 4th quarter that annual. LGD shows whether this company will further invest in and make a decision to the time dot and of batch productino after assessing the market condition. /p>

LGD has been announced Huan (1,320 million dollars) on March 12, this company will furnish funds of 1.49 trillion Korea S. Expand the productivity of factory building of 8 generations of liquid crystal faceplates, in order to meet the LCD TV and climb the high demand, and promote the competitiveness on the market of LCD TV faceplate of jumbo size of this company. LGD shows, the board of directors of this company has already passed this investment case. LGD points out, this investment plan will expand the productivity for producing thread of 8 generations of liquid crystal faceplates of slope state, it is estimated that began to go into operation in 2011, mainly make the liquid crystal faceplate of 32, 47 and 55. LGD executive chairman Kwon Young-soo points out, LED, 3D faceplate drive the growth of the medium and long-term demand to accelerate in declaring the draft.

Kwon has been pointed out at earlier annual general meeting of share-holders of March 12, today (2010) Annual to should be unable to appear, supply surplus phenomenon the second half, main reason though productivity increase, but the faceplate supplier is still difficult to meet the demand of high-order products such as LED liquid crystal faceplate and jumbo size faceplate in a poor light,etc. at present. And Kwon points out, heat of market demand is held in place with a net, this company can only meet the demand of customer of 80% at present. And he shows, though the demand is influenced by effect in slack period of the tradition, Q2 faceplate price is unlikely to glide, some product costs including LCD TV faceplate, IT faceplate even raising up perhaps because of being in short supply. He thinks, can be expected to confirm the application of founding the factory in the locality through the foreign manufacturer in March at the continent, and the application of LGD may clear customs. More information can be found article-top at

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How To Unroot Android And Restore To Factory Settings

By far one of the best ways to unlock root access to your phone is through One Click Root where you can get the most out of your device by enjoying a faster performance and prolonged battery life. Selling your old phone in a rooted condition might not be a smart idea when you want to upgrade your phone. It would be better to unroot android before the reselling happens and not to worry because we will teach to restore android and exactly how to -reverse root’ your phone and restore it to factory settings.

Before anything else takes place, it is good to know important things about what happens when you unroot android. First, if you restore android to its factory settings you only have a small chance of bricking it. Second, every Android phone has different ways in restoring factory settings. Each Android device has a unique aspect although generally all process are the same. If the things below doesn’t suit your device then try scouring in the web for a more device-specific instructions. Before all the attemps to restore android it would be best to back up the files on your phone just in case if something goes wrong, you can pick up right where you left off.

it will take five to ten minutes to finish restoring your device some even take longer because they hold a lot of information. Just follow these steps carefully and you are good to go: Go to the Settings menu, Scroll down and tap Back up and reset, Tap Factory data reset, Click Reset device. After the phone reboots it may have an earlier Android version and may prompt you to upgrade the latest verion, this will be good idea especially if your older version has bugs and security problems.

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Eco Insight is a community for the building industry

Building contractors, energy officials and sales professionals have something in common that most people might not realize – all of them must conduct energy audits. An energy audit is a process in which individuals determine the energy efficiency of a particular building. Most professionals who must conduct an energy audit or a lighting audit choose audit software to help them. Audit software that can be easily loaded onto a tablet or laptop is best, as most professionals prefer to use their energy audit software as they walk through buildings collecting data.

Although there are many software programs that individuals conducting energy audits use, a common theme among people who must conduct energy audits is a desire for an audit software that integrates the different types of data they must collect, including voice notes, photos, and handwritten notes. Our software, ecoInsight from , was an attempt to satisfy this need through an integrated software that offers professionals everything they need to conduct effective energy audits that take 30-40% less time than traditional audits.

ecoInsight is not just software for contractors , but it is also software for sales professionals and other individuals conducting energy audits – software for all. One of the most exciting features of ecoInsight is the fact that the software serves as a community for the building industry. Since multiple members of the industry use the software, it is an excellent resource for individuals across the industry to gather together and discuss energy audits, energy audit software, and the use of energy audits in the building industry – and when all of these individuals come together, great things are sure to occur.

EcoInsight’s energy auditing software allows individuals from across the building industry to come together. This community offers support and innovation in the building industry.

About ecoInsight ecoInsight is a provider of lighting analysis and audit software that reduces the time it takes to deliver a retrofit proposal to a customer by 30-40%. For more information, please

Contacts For ecoInsight Write2Market Public Relations Maria Stephens, 404-419-6677 ext. 102

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Oil Work – Jobs in the Oil Work Industry

Oil Work – Jobs in the Oil Work Industry

Oil work looks like to keep to be accessible across the world despite the fact that there’s a job turmoil becoming experienced in the United States together with throughout the world. There are actually different types of oil work jobs accessible. You will find “behind the desk” type to very natural oil rig jobs. However, obtaining the oil job might provide complicated. For the reason that your application must consist of several characteristics and be readily available to the 1000+ providers getting in this sector.

Oil work continues to be accessible simply because specific levels of manufacturing are expected, and the manufacturing is raising. Large oil organizations are most often usually in search of new job candidates. Still, many people who make a resume and apply may need to hang on months and months before hearing back from the oil company.

Oil Work Jobs – A Huge Variety Of Types of Oil Jobs

A lot of people think that the only oil work jobs offered are heavy, physical jobs. Even though a majority of these jobs are certainly considerable in this industry, they’re not really the only type of job on the market. Types of Oil Work jobs available are quite assortments which includes:
Entry Level
Deck Crew
Chef, Cooks, Catering, Food & Beverage
Control Room
Land & Offshore Rig
Land & Offshore Rig Management
And Many More

Getting a job within the oil industry is usually not like getting a job elsewhere. Many oil people looking for work have a very difficult time discovering oil work because they have no idea
Which Oil Companies are selecting?
How to contact the personnel section or the proper individual responsible for appointing?
Which companies will essentially hire entry stage job job seekers?

One of many primary actions to discovering oil work on land or oil rig is obtaining the proper kind of resume organized and available for evaluation. You can actually wreck your possibilities of oil work if you make your application incorrectly.

In addition, a person applying for oil work, in spite of the type of oil job, could find it problematical to send countless resumes. There are lots of websites online to help you in locating the perfect oil work job. A few of the sites present oil career online communities, job bookings, and tips. Others deliver application services specific to the oil sector, job bookings and oil career guidance. If you are looking for job, you may prefer to consider oil work. As soon as you know how to make application for a majority of these jobs, and where to find the very best entries, you might find an oil work job quickly.

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