Getting Quick Results from a Call to a Quickbooks Customer Service Number

I was an early adopter of accounting software to use on the home computer. My wife and I used the home version for our regular finances. Then we started a business and got Quickbooks Pro. We have stuck with it through every new release. I never had an issue until we started using the version that works across all your devices from tablets to smartphones. I had to call a Quickbooks customer service number to get some help with my smartphone not updating information the right way. It was some kind of syncing problem or something. I am not sure of the technical terms as I am more savvy with numbers than I am with the intricacies of how apps work in the cloud.

I was happy to get a quick resolution from the Quickbooks customer service number I called for help with my problem. I actually thought I would have to speak to about three different people before I got a workable solution. After all, that is my typical customer service experience. It was refreshing to actually speak to someone who really knew how the apps work and the different things that can go wrong from time to time. This makes me want to stick with Quickbooks even more. Any software can have an issue, but getting it resolved with one customer service phone call is a real credit to them.

There are so many features in the newest version of Quickbooks for business that I do not even know them all, and I have been using the product for a long time. We manage everything from our household expenses to the payroll we have for our business using the software. It keeps our business and personal finances separate to make tax time easier on us and our accountant, and it is easy to use. I can remember keeping books on paper, and that was really time consuming.

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