Retails Epos Software for General Retailers

Retail Epos for General Retail is an Electronic Point of Sale (Epos) software solution developed with both the small retail store and larger multi-national shops in mind.

Retail EPOS is very powerful and easy to use Electronic Point of Sale solution for the Retail industry. Not only are businesses made more efficient and profitable; customers have also share the benefits of POS. Retail EPOS software offers everything that is required for an efficient sale of service and personality that perfectly serves your retail industry and size of business.

Take control of your retail business using our Retail Epos for General Retail. Produce meaningful reports, calculate your VAT on time, reduce stock holding yet maintain sales turnover.

Epos Software for General Retail will support the below mentioned outlet:

* General Retail * Supermarket Retailers * Grocery Store * Giftware Store * Pharmacy Shop * Jewellery Retailers * Furniture Retailers

Electronic point of sale solution for retail epos are used in supermarkets, dress shop, grocery stores, giftware store, cosmetics shop, mobile showrooms, electronics shop, spa, salon, liquor store, cigar shop, convenience store, pharmacy shop, gas station, furniture shop, fast food restaurant, takeaway restaurant, table service restaurant, Japanese restaurant, English restaurant, Indian restaurant, Chinese restaurant, bar and pub, jewellery shop, night club hotels, as well as almost any type of retail point of sale establishment.

Point of Sale

There are so many benefits of using EPOS, which stands for the Electronic Point of Sale. Record keeping is made very easy. Fast and easy for order taking Manages Customer loyalty point View old order Manages Discount and offers Item. Record the accurate list of Payment, Customer and delivered order. Multiple Payment types such as Card, Coupon, Cash etc

Integrated Epos and Website

Retail Epos Software with integrated Ecommerce allows you to update the product information on your Ecommerce web site easily. Product categories, products subcategories, product name, standard prices, sale prices, product family images, product images, product narratives and full descriptions can all be controlled from Retail Epos software. Changes made appear quickly on the Ecommerce site once updated in Epos software by single touch.

Retail epos for general retail has the unique solution for your business. Using general retailer epos touch software every retailers easily can bill the order easily. Retail epos software has enumerated options for your retail shop such as refund, cash sales, product discount, print, payment entry, etc-

The real advantage of Retail POS software into your business can really contribute to your success.

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