Retail Store Robberies-the Best Way To Prevent Them

It may be the economy with more people out of work and struggling to make ends meet or a multitude of other factors including the warm summer weather but retail store and small business robberies and other crime are skyrocketing here in Colorado Springs.

The same is true around the country. The sad part is that due to police cutbacks response times to robberies has greatly increased and the reduction in staffing from those cuts means the likelihood of capturing the bad guys goes way down.

Convenience stores seem especially vulnerable to robbery. Their location, hours of operation and cash on hand make them great targets. But any retail store or small business is not immune.

So what are small business owners supposed to do for robbery prevention or crime prevention? Many store owners are arming themselves with small arms. But the vast majority of store owners do not believe in deadly force.

Enter non lethal self defense products. Their sole purpose is to get you away from a dangerous situation so you can get help.

The best of the thousands of choices for retail store/small business robbery prevention is the Mace pepper gun. It is small and easy to conceal. It shoots a concentrated 10% OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray up to 25 feet. The new bag in a can delivery system has seven of those shots so if you miss you have back up.

Aside from causing extreme pain, the OC spray, which is a derivative of cayenne pepper, causes excessive tearing to the point of shutting the eyes and shortness of breathe up to as long as 45 minutes allowing plenty of time for the cops to get there.

A close second is the home model triple action pepper spray from mace. It doesn’t have the range of the pepper gun-only 8 feet-but marks the assailant with UV dye for further identification like all good skunks.

When you feel threatened by an unarmed robber, not an armed robber, in your small business or retail store give him a shot of OC spray for robbery prevention.

When are you getting one to protect your store?

If you think crime can only happen to the other guy you are wrong. The “other guy” is thinking the same thing and to him you are that “other guy”. There is a reason why they call it self defense. You have to protect yourself, your family, your home and business!!

Chances are if you are reading this that crime has touched your life in some way or you consider yourself at risk. Take the next step and do something to protect yourself! Your life and safety is worth far more than the cost of one of these.

A 10% solution of OC spray is illegal in some jurisdictions. So check the internet or your local sheriff’s department first before getting some.

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