How To Turn Failure Into Success-Retail Prescription – Part One – Contentproz

ContentProz i once worked as a store detective for the uk’s top ten retailers. ContentProz

Many of shoplifting incidents took place during my time at this retailer is not the result of theft outsmarting us. ContentProz not as a result of store design or the policies and procedures that retailers have in place. ContentProz i remember working in shops. ContentProz where the toilets are not in stores. ContentProz this means that a thief could literally leave the store with a cart full of merchandise and can not legally be arrested. ContentProz because he could claim that going to the bathroom. Several times i was the only security personnel assigned to 30. 000 sq. Ft. Shop with multiple exits. On sundays we open at 10:30 entries to enable customers to start browsing. ContentProz

However, we were scheduled to begin at 11:00. When we started at 11:00. We will see people pushing trollies full of stuff out of the store.

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