A New Barcode System Gs1 Databar Will Allow Retailers To Increase Revenue & Control Produce Easily

Stores will be glad to know that a new barcoding system will help them to store more information in a barcode, it will help them to make sure no fresh produce is sold after its sell-by-date, allowing large high street retailers to strengthen customer satisfaction boasts.)
This improved is named GS1 Databar and soon it will replace the current widely used system EAN UPC barcode; a system that is no doubt far from flawed, but can certainly benefit from the improvements GS1 will bring.
An existing barcode used by a retailer on fresh produce can be used to store limited information, these items are usually the product name or description and the price. Up until recent years retailers have easily managed using the present barcode scanner technology, but with the ever growing needs of retailers and food standards agencies the ability to retain more information in a barcode will help retailers meet these demands and keep their customers.
Storing new items on barcodes will now be much easier, a retailer can now store a number of new pieces of information: sell-by-date, item or batch code, weight, price and product type. The power to store an expiry date in a barcode will be a great unique selling point for many high street retailers, whom will no doubt utilise this in their marketing campaigns to strengthen claims of fresh produce and proactively combat the sale of out-of-date or contaminated stock.
If a retailer has the unfortunate instance of having bad produce, it should be able to recognise the batch of stock by the new format barcodes and easily remove before it is sold to the public, this barcode technology will be greatly received by retailers, in years past with outbreaks of BSE and Salmonella, technology like this would have helped to calm public doubts and restore faith in high street stores.
On January 2010 this barcode technology will be introduced, although it will not entirely replace current barcode scanner technology, but many retailers will be making the move to the new system to fall in-line with manufacturers and produce distributors. GS1 recommend

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