Types Of Plastic Packaging Materials For Shipping

Three major elements of packaging for shipping are outer packaging, inner packaging, and sealing. Various materials are used for such packaging and sealing. Packaging for shipping is a special type of task that requires skill and experience. However the task can be rendered simpler with the use of right types of shipping materials.

Some basics that are to be followed in every packaging for shipping are:
The outer packaging such as the tamper proof evident bags, corrugated boxes, mailing boxes, plastic drums, wooden boxes etc. are used to carry different products overseas.
Materials like bubble wrap, padded envelopes, thermocol foam, stay flat mailers, plastic packaging sheets, LDPE shrink bags etc. are used for inner packaging.
Materials for sealing, such as the opaque tapes, transparent packaging tapes, water resistant tapes etc. are used for sealing.

Among these materials, corrugated boxesare amongst the most preferred outer packaging material for shipping. Versatile and economic, they provide adequate protection for the materials packed inside. These boxes come in different sizes, strength and dimensions. Selection of the exact type depends on the material packed, time span, and distance covered.Cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes are highly used for their ability to give adequate protection when the goods are stored and transported. If the materials packed are brittle in nature, bubble mailer could be a better option. Air cushioned bubble wrap plastic bags give excellent protection to fragile materials packed inside because the impact generated on contact with hard objects is absorbed efficiently by the cushion. Mailing boxes offer excellent stacking facilities and are crush proof.

Mailing tubes are used for shipping posters, banners, maps, and similar materials. Aim of inner packaging is to provide adequate cushioning, filling out void, and surface protection. Common materials for inner packaging are bubble wrap, foam, foam wrap and peanuts, air cushions, and crumpled paper. Among these, foam and crumpled papers are amongst the popular packaging items because they are cost effectiveand are readily available.

No packaging for shipping can be complete without adequate sealing and it is ensured with the use of tapes. Pressure sensitive tapes and water activated tapes are among extensively used sealing materials for packaging and sealing boxes, cartons, and bags for shipment.

Last but not the least, there are some all-purpose packaging that combine outer, inner, as well as sealing facilities like the LDPE Shrink bags widely used for industrial packaging for shipping as they offer complete protection for the materials packed inside. It is very important selecting the right packaging materials for shipping to prevent the products shipped from getting damaged in transit or storage.

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