the most widely used building materials

Smooth tile is one of the most widely used building materials will be used in most home improvement, can be tiled security issues always provoke people sensitive nerve. In recent years, “tile radiation may cause cancer” is almost yakima decks price never stopped. Our daily contact with the tile really so dangerous? Since then, “there is radiation tile”, “tiles cause cancer” was gradually spread, and whenever there is such unqualified results are published, this argument was again spread out./p>

Tiles are used in such a large area, if it is harmful to health, the consequences could be disastrous, but in opinion, “tile cancer” argument is clearly exaggerated. Hu Yunlin explained, tile, especially polished (a kind of polished surface made of bright tiles), in the production best outdoor wood plastic materials process to achieve whitening, brightening effect, manufacturers often add the right amount of zirconium silicate.

In fact, in the toilet, bathtub, sink, etc. Almost all ware production process, will be added to the substance. Although it is not itself radioactive, but in the refining process will be mixed trace amounts of radionuclides, mainly potassium, sodium, radium three. And some companies for the production of ultra-white tiles composite wall panel wpc will add in excess of zirconium silicate, also will lead to excessive radionuclide, which is the root cause people to worry about.

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