Mamarua Nz Jewellery Utilises Unwanted Materials To Create Amazing Necklaces

Well Mamarua NZ Jewelry all commenced as simply a dabble actually 1 or 2 disjointed thoughts, some scratchy drawings on the wierd scrap of paper. I appeared to be always fossicking to find that special little something for a mate that had integrity, was NZ jewellery made to gave you that warm sentimental feeling. And every year, there had been a definite shortage of Xmas decorations that meant something to us, with our devotion to New Zealand-made Pacific design.

I had a creative itch that needed scratching and added to that was the attraction of being my private boss at Mamarua. I realised I didnt want to consider all the things I wanted to do but never essentially get them done, so with aid from a brilliant young illustrator and lots of folk steering and supporting my vision, my imprecise ideas of Mamarua started to turn into fact.

Lovely hand-carved originals were finally finalised, and the method of finding a suitable molding method was in progress. Exceedingly important to us were the materials our fledgling business had to be sustainable. The chance of recycling something that would otherwise fill our valuable landfills became something of an obsession, so after plenty of experimenting we revealed that we could get the desired effect with the usage of recycled material. 18 months later , in October 2007, Mamaruas Mementos of the South Pacific were launched.

Inspired by our South Pacific environment, the 1st Mamarua range includes 3 designs Aroha, Koru and Tapa. The three NZ jewellery designs are offered as recycled resin souvenirs and pendants and recycled rubber pendants.

Mamarua to us means 2 mummies, and thats just what we are : 2 working mothers who’ve pooled our skills and resources to point our creative energies in a new direction thats ours alone. Mamaruas kaupapa ( mission ) includes not only planning beautiful mementos paying homage to our Pacific heritage, but also producing them one hundred percent in Aotearoa, using all recycled materials with green packing.

We are really proud that our souvenirs are made in New Zealand and employ eco friendly elements, proving once again that sustainability can be stunning!

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