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White House India Commits to Employee welfare and health by installing Factory Ventilation and Cooling system imported from Taiwan
October 2011, Chennai White House, a leading garment manufacturer and exporter based in Chennai, India has taken an excellent initiative to keep their employees healthy and more productive. White House has always been considered as one of the successful garment manufacturer with clients base in various countries across the globe and not only that, also taking care of the employees welfare and social responsibility.

As another step towards keeping their employees happy and healthy, White House has installed Ventilation and Cooling system in their gament manufacturing unit which would cool the area where about 600 emplyoees are working. The ventilation and cooling system works by “Negative Pressure” method and removes the heat from the manufacturing area so that the working area will have a cooler environment.

The advantage of using the system :

Comfortable temperature in the work area. The air in the work area will be cooled down by 5 to 8* C from high room temperature of 35* C.
Increase the efficiency of the employees working
Power consumption will be very less compared to Airconditioning.
Refreshing air quickly in 40 second to 1 minute

While talking about the installation, Mr. Mohamed Elyas, CEO of the company, said, ” This is one of the initiatives we are very happy about it, because it directly helps our employees in keeping good health and increse the productivity.

In any kind of industrial environment, it is almost impossible to breathe fresh air. With this ventilation system, every one minute fresh air is passed thorough out the factory which refresh the atmosphere..

We were very much concerned about their health as they were working under heat, in a very sunny country like India, and adopting this Factory cooling system our ultimate desire to keep the heat down and create a cooler working environment is achieved.

Moreover, the cooling system did not emit much heat and radiation to the external environment compared to the other industrial air conditioning systems emitting more heat and highly power consuming.”

He further continued,”The factory cooling systems have incredibly increased the productivity and mental health of the employees by keeping them cool and relaxed. And for us, the installation is a part of social responsibility and financially, the low power consumption of the system has helped us save power”.

For more details,

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White House

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