Evaluation Of The Walther P22 Factory Laser

There are a couple choices available in the marketplace for a Walther P22 laser at varying price ranges. The mid-ranged option is the factory laser manufactured by Walther. At about $110 this laser is a great addition to any P22.

The factory laser fits the P22 perfectly extending from the front of the pistol’s frame and sitting snuggly against the front of the trigger guard. The laser doesn’t protrude to the left or right of the pistol’s frame either, making it easy to find an accommodating holster a topic I’ll cover later in this article.

The factory P22 laser produces a red beam that is easily visible from distances of twenty yards or more. Even in daylight the beam is clearly seen on targets of lighter colors. On darker targets or in direct sunlight at distances, the red dot is sometimes hard to distinguish. A red dot laser like the factory P22 laser is not as visible as the more expensive green laser options on the market, but it is by no means difficult to see in most situations.

The factory laser has a very helpful feature in the form of two LED lights on the rear bottom of its frame that are visible to the person shooting the pistol. These two LED lights illuminate when the laser is on so that the shooter doesn’t have to look anywhere near the front of the pistol or point it a something close to determine if the laser is active.

The factory laser operate on two 1.5 volt watch batteries that are easily inserted and replaced by removing a small plastic hatch on the bottom of the laser that is held in place by a small clip. The batteries will power the laser for quite some time. I wish I could provide an estimate for this article, but the batteries in my laser have been going strong since I began using it months ago. In which time I’ve shot at least a couple thousand rounds through the pistol and even left the laser on overnight accidentally when storing it.

Overall the Walther P22 laser is a great addition to the P22. It complements the firearm’s accuracy very well, and it’s $110 price tag is well justified by the quality of the product. SpentBrass has a very in-depth review of the Walther P22 factory laser for anyone interested in learning more about this great product.

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