The development of Electronic dictionary industry

With the rapid development of technology, the market for electronic equipment has been well-sold. In the past decade, the electronic dictionary market is in short supply among students and other consumers.

The advantages of electronic dictionaries are tremendous and obvious. Firstly, these potable devices with light weight are convenient and user-friendly. Compared with a paper dictionary, the electronic dictionary is much more portable and contains more than one million words. Secondly, electronic dictionary is much easier to use than traditional one. Generally, users need only type into a word and the definitions of the word come into being on the little screen, while traditional ones need you to leaf through several pages. In addition, there is some other added functionality, such as calendar, alarm clock, calculator, address book. It is the electronic dictionary that is intelligent and people-friendly.

Today, the craze for the intelligent device is fading because of the popularization multifunctional cell phone. Certainly, electronic dictionaries are not perfect. Despite the fact that prices has been lower in recent years. No doubt, it is more expensive than traditional ones. When its batteries are used up, they must be recharged by professional staff. There is no denying that more and more people tend to use their mobile phone to check a word. To some extent, it is mean that the demand exceeds supply circumstance ten years ago had expanded present supply exceeds demand.

In a word, every coin has two sides. The necessary for electronicelectronic dictionary will differ from person to person. Some students will still put them on their shopping lists. However, some people believed it will be give away to another hi-technological product. As a product of one period, it has played a significant role in our workplace and study life. It is the history of electronic dictionary industry.

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