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SAP B1 mid-size and small business ERP is currently in active expansion mode. We expect number of new installation to increase, especially with SB1 version 2007A release earlier this year for US market. SAP B1 has modern accounting application design and user interface is very intuitive. These two factors translate into real flexibility of SB1 business processes, where you can virtually design industry vertical business logic without purchasing add-on or ordering customization programming from SB1 ISV. In this small publication we would like to cover SB1 implementation example in transportation industry with the needs in agent settlement report and modifiable bill of lading:

1.Agent Settlement Report in standard out of the box SB1. If you are running mid-size cargo delivering agency, you probably already heard from MRP vendors, that your ERP system implementation and software licenses would cost you several hundred thousand dollars. This is in essence true, if you are trying to implement or already implemented traditional ERP software with so-called add-ons extension technology, where add-ons software developer make money on extending pretty rigid ERP standard business logic. The difference of SB1 lays in the fact of outstanding flexibility – standard business logics are not in essence casted and frozen, they are rather given to you as the platform for ERP modification, discovery and casting the data entry and handling procedures. Agent Settlement Report in SB1 could be realized on the base of business partners internal reconciliation with the option checked for multiple business partners

2.Bill of Lading. This cargo shipping classical report is often different from one transportation business to another. In SB1 you can start your discovery from Sales Order form, and then in you have sophisticated rules in MAWB and HAWB – you can continue your research with Picking and Packing in Inventory. BOL is often tough report to print and design, please consider calling us to get your case example streamlined

3.SB1 licensing. It is named user all-in-one and your can purchase user licenses through SB1 implementation partners channel exclusively. Please, locate SB1 partner in your area or who is the leader implementing your industry ERP cases

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