Growers Solution- ERP Solutions for the Agro industry

The agricultural sector is striving to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population. Despite the development of advanced agricultural methods, the rise in commodity prices, environmental and climate changes, has affected both producers and consumers. The challenges in supply chain and resource planning, has been a major barrier to the agro industry in achieving its full potential. The farmers are not aware of a business model, nor do they have the requisite technological know-how to transform their small-scale business into high revenue one. Harnessing the technical and scientific techniques to the agricultural sector will give a competitive edge for the industry players to optimize their production.

The agricultural industry faces a number of barriers in its progress route. The most important being, tracking of land quality and characteristics. The other factors of concern are methods to increase in product yield, & quality, low margins and high operational cost, harvest estimates and resource mobilization, physical distribution of products etc. The IT providers involved in designing manufacturing enterprise resource planning solutions have developed effective ERP solutions for the agro industry.

With a flexible model and a structured process, these ERP solutions will facilitate management of inventory, storage, procurement & distribution, besides providing for effective communication to the customers and suppliers at large. This Growers solution will accommodate a comprehensive database with appropriate access to field coordinators. The field-order monitoring and management system incorporated in the solution works towards managing the quality of products from seed to sales. The features such as a large database facilitates creation of analytical reports on the growth of seeds, tracking of payments and supply, control system for date of expiry of seeds, as well as loss recovery in case of natural calamities. The analysis from the ERP system helps to predict the soil content, precise cultivation and fertilization of crops and optimize harvesting.

The Indian Agricultural community and the food industry play a major role in the Indian economy. With a number of foreign investments, collaborations and joint ventures, this industry needs to move towards a more techno savvy mode.

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