Generator Manufacturing Industry Key Challenges

Due to increased environmental awareness and concerns from various stakeholders, many governmental bodies across the globe are placing greener technologies and green practices as their top priorities. As technologies such as fuel cells & photosynthesis for power generation are gaining greater popularity, regulations on diesel generator sets are also increasing. Such stringent regulations demand strong research and development efforts from manufacturing companies to comply with these regulations and also to stay ahead of the market competitors. The generators manufacturing companies not only need to comply with existing regulations of their products but also they need to place priority upon to provide valued added services to their customers to create a strong market hold. Offering superior services can differentiate a generator set manufacturing company in a highly competitive market.

The residential generator sets market is characterized by ever increasing fuel prices, increased competition, low cost manufacturers and a continuous pressure from governmental environment protection bodies to curb the emissions levels. These all pose significant challenges to the generator set manufacturers in the field. Hence applying cost management strategies and development of high quality technologies has always been a key priority of generator manufacturing companies. While the company’s best strategy remain commitment to customer’s needs, various manufacturing processes shall be aligned to meet its long term vision to promoting environmentally responsible products by reducing emissions, noise & vibrations produced during the manufacturing process. They must develop products that are rugged built, withstand effortlessly for longer during tough working hours as well as meet industry specific requirements.

The residential generator sets market requires equipments to withstand long working hours in the most demanding conditions of diversely varying atmospheric temperatures from deserts to high altitude locations to sub zero temperature zones. Another requisite character involves low noise, vibration and fumes emissions. Frequency of maintenance and associated costs, power capabilities and load conditions also define the various segments for residential generators dominated by characters of cost management. All universally acclaimed generators set manufacturing & power generation systems & components companies produce products designed & manufactured according to governmental regulations while creating value for money for their customers. They offer competitive commercial terms that aid customers in achieving profitability through lower cost of ownership.

While the performance is measured through product price, spare parts price, maintenance costs, operating / running costs & payment terms, the industry is continuously booming, however, stern governmental bodies keep on laying immense pressures of environment friendly components and systems. Companies must endeavor to focus on meeting customers’ needs and driving satisfaction to an optimum level in the industry.

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