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Building contractors, energy officials and sales professionals have something in common that most people might not realize – all of them must conduct energy audits. An energy audit is a process in which individuals determine the energy efficiency of a particular building. Most professionals who must conduct an energy audit or a lighting audit choose audit software to help them. Audit software that can be easily loaded onto a tablet or laptop is best, as most professionals prefer to use their energy audit software as they walk through buildings collecting data.

Although there are many software programs that individuals conducting energy audits use, a common theme among people who must conduct energy audits is a desire for an audit software that integrates the different types of data they must collect, including voice notes, photos, and handwritten notes. Our software, ecoInsight from , was an attempt to satisfy this need through an integrated software that offers professionals everything they need to conduct effective energy audits that take 30-40% less time than traditional audits.

ecoInsight is not just software for contractors , but it is also software for sales professionals and other individuals conducting energy audits – software for all. One of the most exciting features of ecoInsight is the fact that the software serves as a community for the building industry. Since multiple members of the industry use the software, it is an excellent resource for individuals across the industry to gather together and discuss energy audits, energy audit software, and the use of energy audits in the building industry – and when all of these individuals come together, great things are sure to occur.

EcoInsight’s energy auditing software allows individuals from across the building industry to come together. This community offers support and innovation in the building industry.

About ecoInsight ecoInsight is a provider of lighting analysis and audit software that reduces the time it takes to deliver a retrofit proposal to a customer by 30-40%. For more information, please

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