Customer Loyalty Programs – as witnessed in the Gaming Industry

Loyalty programs designed today, offer so much more than just -points- – through customized technology you can deliver an extremely personalized experience and service when you gather and analyze data collected about your customers. With web-based incentive programs, you utilize a program with built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the information gathered is compiled in a database. The key here is to study the insight gathered from the customer and constantly adjust the reward programs to exceed the customer’s expectations.

A good example is how Customer Loyalty Programs are being utilized by the Gaming Industry. Many states are changing legislation to allow this revenue-generating industry to have a presence within their borders. Many upscale resorts offer several amenities other than gambling, such as entertainment, fine dining, kids programs, golf, tennis, etc. As these resorts are becoming more and more popular, being able to provide their customers with a memorable and positive experience that will supersede that of any other choice they may have in the area, customer retention has become the focus of this industry. With the bottom line being a direct result of player traffic and frequency, many Casinos have reached out to the incentive industry for guidance and specific technology to enable them to gather necessary data on those good customers and keep them coming back for years to come.

There are a multitude of reward options once a Casino knows what exactly will motivate their best customers. Along with offering the resort’s customized products, there are retail store gifts certificates, room service amenities, room upgrades, invitations to special events such as -High Roller Reward Programs- and Holiday events. According to a survey of industry insiders at the 2003 Global Gaming Expo, -When asked if the casino industry might following the airlines’ lead in trying to create valuable, independent businesses by marketing other products to their frequent player customers,- 100% thought it was a -good idea’ .

Author Richard Cross stated in his article, -On Beyond Loyalty Programs- that –success is identifying the service and product elements that really make a difference to each customer.- Online incentive programs allow for greater ease of communication and management of gathered data.

Once you have the proper tools to enable a better understanding of your customer and what exactly motivates them, it becomes easier to measure the customer experience and determine the return on incentive investment.

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