Blackberry 10 May Bring Major Changes in Mobile App Industry

RIM Blackberry’s Jam sessions are going very well around the world. RIM has been very enthusiastic in attracting professional blackberry developers towards the new platform to be launched by RIM soon. It has organized various Jam sessions all over the world urging skilled developers to trust in BlackBerry new platform and work on this platform for better and enhanced applications.

It is claimed by RIM that with new BlackBerry 10, it will be very easy for mobile apps developers to create and design applications. It is because RIM has worked hard and invested big money in the developer ecosystem. Their claim is backed by the various developer tools for faster Blackberry apps development. These developers’ tools range from Cascade builder to Ripple Emulator 10 Alpha Dev

RIM also commits an offering of US$10,000 to the Blackberry apps developers who will successfully submitting their apps in the launch of their new BlackBerry 10 devices. This has lured many mobile apps developers to join Blackberry platform. It is a great opportunity especially for developers like who are still struggling to make their place in the Global mobile apps market. The competition has been tough among the top names in the mobile apps development platforms like Apple and Android that new developers are facing tough time.

Therefore, it is expected that with launch of new Blackberry 10 in the first quarter of 2013 there will be a noticeable change in the mobile apps industry trend. Till now, the only winning names are of Apple iOS and Google Android. Even the giant Microsoft Windows platform is also at its struggling phase but slowly it is also getting momentum in the market. Though, BlackBerry apps developers are themselves pretty confident about the new platform the actual feedback is yet to come.

The reasons that is making Blackberry 10 very happening are Cascade builder, HTMl5 Web Works, Android Runtime, Adobe AIR, NDK and many more yet to be revealed. RIM made all these sheer efforts because it was declared the previous development tools of RIM went outdated and need to be revised very urgently. This is why RIM gave its whole concentration is rendering its developers with a whole new set of amazing development tools which can reconstruct their trust in this platform.

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