B2B Sales & Marketing Solutions through Industry Wise Search options

With new features and newer functionalities the competition is extreme in the sector of business information. Business information firms are ever innovating and improving their services to equip the Client – sales and marketing divisions with sound market intelligence.

Time is a gauge evaluating success of different campaigns. Investment of time of in-house research teams to get the same information readily available is a loss of resources which could be used elsewhere more efficiently. The opportunities missed during the data procurement may be reflected in the market share. Hence, accurate and easily available information proves to be critical for timely implementation of sales and marketing campaigns.

The online subscription model of these new business information providers transcends the boundary of time and space whereby its users gain 24×7 access to specialized information at their convenience. The introduction of daily market updates and news capsules has been appreciated by the New-age marketers who are eager to keep themselves abreast with meaningful business developments. With information technology advancements, the success of the Business Information firms reflects a gradual yet noticeable shift of marketers from reliance on the sources of static database to real time business information. This has further allowed a professional approach to come to a relatively fragmented industry dominated by yellow pages & data CDs.

Industry Search options is a tool the BI firms provide to allow clients to get a 360 degree view of their prospects or companies across the Industries of their interest. For todays marketer, to get accurate, comprehensive and actionable information is very important. It serves as a support system for all sales and marketing activities. Industry Wise Search option gives an edge to firms who are either a mass product or service provider or an industry focused service provider or those who understand the concept of cross-selling to different industries.

In the Industry Wise Search, all results achieved provide exhaustive industry reports with credit reports, financial reports and company reports inclusive of business descriptions, executive head biographies & in-depth financial analysis. The industry reports enable clients to get detailed description on Industry growth, developments & trends, industry forces etc. The Industry Wise Search gives search options from a number of industries inclusive of Aerospace & Defence, Agriculture & Fishery, Chemicals, Construction & Real Estate, Energy & Utilities, Fabric & Apparel, Telecom, Hotel & Hospitality, Healthcare, IT & ITES, Retail, Business Services, Media & Communication, Mining, Finance, Manufacturing and Metals Industry in India.

At a time when the pressure to better sales is ever increasing and in turn ROI, companies are also changing the trend to cater to a wide range of clients across different industries. Business information service providers hence offer advanced tools like Industry Wise Search to clients to tap maximum prospects. Since this offering has a huge pool of information it is always easy to fetch out larger specific information and then move on to the next level of mining prospect specific information consecutively.

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